Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sept. 28, 2008 My first blog

Today is my very first blog. I have been reading a lot of blogs out there from all of you talented artists and I wanted to meet you. My name is Pat and I love to craft. I have been doing all kinds of crafts for years. Think I started at about age ten or twelve and made ties to go around your neck. They had velvet ribbon cords attatched to cork balls and then we put sequins and bead on to give them that bling. Now the bling is back only going on all kinds of things.

A few years ago I was doing a lot of ribbon embroidery, making crazy patch vest and all kinds of pretty things. I started sewing in the ninth grade and did that for years. Made all my clothes and a lot for my children. Now I only do that to decorate in the house. Like pillows, curtains and maybe a tablecloth.

I like to remake jewelery out of vintage beads. Also like to make Christmas ornaments and use vintage jewelery. But my real love is painting roses. I like to paint on most anything. Bring castoffs back to life. I have been selling some of my painted things on Ebay for the past few years. I also like to sell at the antique flea markets.

Thank you for stopping by and meeting me. I want to become great friends with all of you.



I wish all of you LOVE!