Thursday, March 25, 2010


This is my machine drawers as I found them. They looked pretty bad, but I knew their was hope for them. They just needed some tender loving care and I knew just what to do. I got into my material stash and found my pink and green material and took it to the machine to crazy quilt. Then I started the fun work. Using my silk ribbons to embroidery, beads to make the lace stand out, buttons and rhinestons to add just the right bling. I turned these drab drawers into pure elegance. Hope you enjoy them too. I had so much fun working on them.

You can click on pictures to enlarge..... Lori, at katiesrosecottage furnished the pink glass knobs. They added just the right touch. Thank you Lori! And the drawers are lines with pink paper.....

Please excuse my monitor. I'm not the best photographer...

I hand dyed the lace with a paint brush......

Added embroidery to high light this rose and the the stem..... Added beads to the center of the silk ribbon rose.

Added seed beads to the lace to give it texture...

Added colored rhinestones to the butterfly..... And french knots on some of the lace.....
A couple of buttons just for fun........And trim and lace around the edges.....

Hope you enjoyed my new machine drawers. I am going to list them on Tattered Elegance - Close Creations tomorrow. They will be for sale if anyone is interested.

May you all have a wonderful day tomorrow and come back soon!

Hugs, Pat

Friday, March 19, 2010


Here is a few pics of the curb chair I found.  It has been sanded, primed and painted.  I reupolstered it with this pretty floral fabric.  Looks like a brand new chair.  Don't you just love it when you can turn something ugly into something pretty.  This will look so nice in someone's sun room or covered patio.  This is how it looked when I found it perched on top of a bunch of limbs on the curb.  But she was sturdy and just needed some love.  The night stand in the back is the one I finished a few blogs back.  It was a curb find too.  I just love it when people put their things on the curb.  Especially if I come by and find them.  This is a little jewel that I found at a yard sale yesterday.  I love wicker!!  This one is not old, but it has some good lines on it and the cushion is pretty.  And I don't have to work on it.  
We have a warm day today, its very windy, but tomorrow it is suppose to be cold.  No yard sales this weekend.  I will be glad when the cold weather stays in Canada or where ever it comes from.  We are suppose to be in spring tomorrow, not winter.
Hope all of you have a great weekend!!!!
Hugs, Pat 

Thursday, March 18, 2010


These are a few of the pieces I'm working on right now.  The high chair needs some wood putty and sanding before painting.  The little victorian shelf is now finished.  It will go to the barn for storage tomorrow.

This little table has now been primed and is ready
for painting.  I plan to put some decopodge on the top.  Don't know just what yet, but something pretty.  I had planned to paint roses on it, but painted roses don't sell here anymore at the flea markets.  So I'll try something else.  This is a metal cabinet that I've had for several years.  I need to spray paint it tomorrow.  These were all primed today and ready for their paint tomorrow.  This little table is one of a pair of nesting tables.  The other one is already finished.  I did it and a victorian small coffee table earlier in the week.
Today I bought a wicker foot stool at a yard sale.  It has a pillow on top.  I thought it was so pretty.   Just gathering up for Antique Alley.

Hope every one has a great Friday!!!
Hugs, Pat

Monday, March 8, 2010


This is an old chest that I found on the curb about a week ago.  I had went to the grocery store and was on my way home, it was a little dark and I thought I saw something on the side of the road.  So I backed up to take a look.  And sure enough there was a chest.  It was a pityful sight.  I struggled  to get it in the back of the van, it was quite heavy with the drawers in it.  And very dirty.  I didn't try to check it out until the next day.  When I took it out of the van I could see it had good bones so I grabbed the vacuum and Mean Green and started to clean it up.  Then I got my mouse and started sanding.  It really looked pretty good so I brought out the primer and gave it a coat, then a coat of oops paint that I found for six dollars.  I added a bottle of burnt umber to it to get it to the shade I liked.  This is how it turned out after two coats, two coats of wax and some different knobs that I had.  The pics look a little darker than it really is.  My furniture in my bedroom is Navaho White and it is pretty close to that. I was going to put this in the Antique Alley at Cleburne next month, but I liked it so much I decided to keep it for a night chest to sit beside my bed.  It looks good in there and gives me two more big drawers for storage.I took some pics of it before I cleaned it up, but they were not very good and I deleted them and forgot to take some more.  I don't remember things too well these days.  The drawers are lined with old newspaper from 1875.  It was some kind of wall paper that they put in when it was made.  Looks goods and I loved reading what was on the paper.Thought I would also show you my little eggs.  As you can see by the dime in there with them they are pretty small.  I made these while watching T.V. Saturday afternoon.  They have several coats of Light Victorian Teal on them.  Think they turned out pretty cute.  I am going to start putting some things in my other blog tatteredelegance&closecreation, its on my side bar under my selling spots.  I will probably list my eggs on there. 
I am working on a couple of chairs and will post them as soon as I finish.  I also found an old victiorian book shelf Sat. at a yard sale for ten dollars.  It needs some work, but I'm anxious to get started. 
Hope everyone had a good weekend and have a great Tuesday.
Hugs, Pat

Monday, March 1, 2010


Thought I would show you my little heart bottle this morning that I made a few days ago.  I've had her in a box ready to work on but just kept putting it off.  She looks very romantic.This is the back of the bottle.  Wanted her to look good back there too .The rose is one I hand made to fit the bottle.And these little cuties are the bling.Here is a pair of beautiful bling that I found last week.  They will look good on something unless I chose to sell them.And my last find is 20 pretty handles that I found at the goodwill a few days ago.  I use these kinds of things on that curb furniture I pick up and transform.
Hope you like my little goodies and hope all of you have a great day.
Hugs, Pat