Thursday, January 28, 2010


Thought I would share this sweet little post card with everyone.  I thought she was so lovely.  And the writing on the back will look good with some of your art too.

I have been spending the last couple of days working on one of my chairs.  I made a new bottom for the chair and today I made a Crazy Quilt top for the cushion.  Still need to do the embellishments and I will have to do something to the chair.  I will either sand and stain or sand and paint.  Since it is an antique I think I will do the stain.  I'm taking pictures so when it is finished I will post it.  I also finished up on my pottery that I was fixing.  Need to wrap and pack it tomorrow and take it to the owner Sunday.  I'll take some pics of it tomorrow and post it later.  I worked on six pieces.  Some I did over and over.  Sometimes it takes quite a while to get it right.

Hope every one will have a blessed night.  Hugs, Pat

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


  To live in love is to live in everlasting youth.  Whoever enters old age by this royal road will find the last of life to be the very best of life.  Instead of finding himself descending the hills of life, he will find it uphill all the way, into clearer air.  There the vision reaches further; there the sunsets are more golden, and the twilight last longer.                                                                                                                        Mary Livermore

I've been out of touch for a while.  I was nursing an infection for a couple of weeks and then I fell into a bad depression.  Think maybe it was just a BAD PITY PARTY.  Any way thats what my son thinks.  I talked to the nurse today and all the tests came back and everything is back to normal with the infection and I am taking a positive approach to everything now so I'm going to be fine and happy from now on.  We are what we eat and WE ARE WHAT WE THINK!  I for one am going to think before I open my mouth.   Hopefully tomorrow I am going to get started working on an antique chair.  I'm taking pictures of the before and I will show it when it is finished.  I have six of these antique chairs and I want to get them all done and ready for the Cleburne Antique Alley this April.  I've got a lot of work before that time and it will be here before we know.  Time goes by so fast these days.

Here are some pansies I wanted to share with everyone.  These came from an old book back in the 1800's I think.  They are so pretty.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful night and tomorrow.
Hugs, Pat

Friday, January 1, 2010


Today is the start of a brand new year and I thought I would show you something old, very old at this time.  I love new things, but old things just really touch my heart.  I wonder how many hands have touched this old book and how many students have looked up words here.  This is an old dicitionary.  Really I have never seen one like it.  The pages are yellowed and brittle and the front cover is missing.  But it will still give life to new creations, so in a way it will become new again.  The pictures and maps are so colorful here.
I want to focus on this new year with only good thoughts about everyone and our country.  Wishing love and peace around our world.  We are all promoting love around our world with our crafting blogging friends.  We are a group of women that love each other no matter what country we are from or what religion we come from.  If only everyone could touch the love we all have for each other, if only everyone would build each other up instead of anger we would be living in a peaceful world.  I pray that one day the fighting will stop and we can all be a peace.  GOD BLESS US ALL!
Hugs, Pat