Saturday, November 19, 2011


Thought I would give you a look at the new things I have listed on my Etsy.  If you like butterflies I have a few.  They are unique and very pretty. 

I will be listing more things this week.  I think I will be home now until after the Thanksgiving Holiday.  That will be nice, maybe I can get some things done around here.  
Hope every one has a wonderful weekend!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Thought I would show you some of the bling I got at the estate sale today.  The top two are pins and the bottom ones were for shoes.

 I think they are all very vintage. 
The pictures are not as good as I would like, but rhinestones are hard to get.  Isn't this one great!!!!
I used a flash on this one.  It does show the bling.
Hope you enjoyed.  I will be listing some bling on my etsy next week.  I got a lot of it at an estate sale last weekend over here by my house.  They had tons and I got all I could afford.
Hope you all have a great day tomorrow.                                                                           

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This is a window that I have been working on to display jewelery in the mall.  The top window has a fan in it and I decoupaged orchid rice paper behind it.  The fan shows different stages in a girls wedding.  The bottom window I took a piece of poster board and glued antique lace all over it.  Then added bits of jewelery and beads.  The hooks are for holding the jewelery.  I added a wire to the top to hang it and another wire in the middle to display vintage clip earrings.  I think it will make a very good display.  I have lots of vintage jewelery and it sure needs to be sold.

 And this is my attempt to make a little shoe.  I used all vintage material for it.  I had a little baby shoe so I cut me a pattern from it.  The pink lining was from an old gown that I got at an estate sale.  I kind of crazy quilted the lace on the lining for the top of the shoe. 
 I covered a piece of card board with the pink lining and put inside the shoe to give it some shape.
 And last of all I added the pearl buttons.  It looks just like a little vintage baby shoe.
I just loved the little shoes that Dawn and Lisa made so thought I would see what I could do.  They are really fun to make.
  Hope all of you have a wonderful day!!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Miss Lacee and I would like to thank you Karen.  You really fixed us up.  I know what I'm doing again.  Wish I knew what you knew.  This is a new picture of Miss Lacee.  She is growing like a weed and about to get the best of me.  They say if I can hold out for six months I'll have it made.  Wish me luck. 
Hope all of you have a wonderful night.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


We had rain today!! I was so happy to see all that wet stuff falling from the heavens! Now for the real problem.... I don't know what or how I did it, but I deleted all my favorite blogs that I follow. I still have the thing that says my favorite blogs, but I don't know how to get them back. I need Karen. I emailed her, but haven't heard. If someone can help me please email me or tell Karen I need HELP!!! We finish up our Estate Sale tomorrow. It was really a GREAT sale. I got sooooo much old lace and some old clothes, plus a lot of furniture. I may put some of the lace on my Etsy soon. Some of it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Have a great Sunday!

Monday, July 11, 2011

My New Baby

I wanted to let everyone know I have a new baby in my home. She arrived at my house about 5:o0 pm yesterday afternoon. Her name is Miss Lacee. Next thursday she will be 9 weeks old. Last night she slept all night in her basket bed right next to mine. At about 6:oo this morning I took her outside and when she had finished her business, she was ready to play. That took place for about an hour then it was time to sleep again. Tomorrow she is going on her first outing. We are going to Lone Star Antique Mall. Everyone is so excited to meet her. I'll let you know how our outing goes tomorrow.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I took new pictures of the booth last week after I redid it. Thought you might like to see what I have in the booth. Get you a cup of tea and enjoy, there are a lot of pics.

This is the pillow that I showed you the other day. I had just started it.

And I think I have showed you this chair before. This chair is over 100 years old. I had to work on it. But it sure looks good now. And I have about 6 more.

Hope you enjoyed!! Have a great day

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter and got to visit with family and friends. May we all give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for the sacrafice he made for us. Giving his life for ours. We are all very precious and I am thankful for each one of us. May we keep these thoughts everyday!!

Friday, April 22, 2011


This is a lampshade that I had dressed in pink some time ago. I put it in the mall, but it just sat there. I was told to change the pink to cream or white. So I tea dyed some silk and made a new rose. Also dyed some of the lace. We will see if that helps.

I am going to the mall today and will take a few pics as I changed everything last week. Put in new things and took some out. Also added some new color.

Hope every one is having a wonderful day!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I finished another new rose this morning, so thought I would post it. I will be putting them in the mall tomorrow. This one is silk with tulle and leaves made from crushed velvet. And little yellow shoes I found at an estate sale. They are so sweet. Someone has already claimed them site unseen. I'll email her to take a look.

Hope everyone has a great night. I'm going to work on the booth tomorrow and Antique Alley is this weekend, so I plan to go at least one day. Can't wait!!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Thought I would show you the roses I made yesterday. This one is a pale blue with antique lace leaves and antique lace trim. I added little pearls all over. These are corsages too.
This one has three twisted rolled roses with antique lace all around. I added bling beads to the front. I just bought some off white crushed velvet to make some more flowers. I'm really getting into flower making. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Flowers for the Mall

I have been making a few flowers the past couple of days. This one today, it is made from pink crushed velvet. I put some antique lace in the back and the leaves are green crushed velvet with the embroidery to give them highlights. And it had to have a little bling with a rhinestone button. It is a pin that I will be selling in my booth.
This one I made a couple of nights ago. I took it to the mall to show a couple of friends and now I am holding it for a lady. It has part of an antique collar in the shape of a half circle on the back. And green organza ribbon leaves. I added a few stamens in the center of the rose and some beads hanging at the bottom. This one is crushed velvet too with a pin on the back. The blues look much lighter in person, with lots of highlights.
This is some more of that pink crushed velvet. I added some antique lace around the edges of the rose. I love this lace, it was on some material lace and was so old it was coming apart so I cut out the designs. They are beautiful. The leaves are a light golden organza ribbon. Also a pin on the back
The next two flowers are made out of paper pattern sheets. I have these two started and will finish them up in the morning. Need to wrap the stem with some floral wrap and maybe add some more little beads and for sure some glitter.
Thanks for stopping by and hope all of you have a wonderful week.