Wednesday, December 26, 2018

New Flower Necklace

This is the first post I have done in many years.   
I love making flowers so thought I would see how a flower necklace would turn out. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This is the new lampshade I have been working on.  It is made from burlap and decorator fabric.  I found the wire shade at a garage sale.  Wrapped it with seam binding and sewed on each panel.  Made bias tape out of burlap top cover the panels where it over lapped.  The ruffles was the hardest part.  My ruffler would not handle the decorator fabric.  So I did it by hand.  Then put some more bias tape to cover the gathering threads.  Last I made a rose from the burlap and glued it on with a few leaves.  All the bias tape was glued on too.  The rest was stitched on.  This is the pink rose.

This is the blue rose.
Don't know what kind of flower this is, but it's pretty!
And the burlap rose I made.

This is my first post in over a year.  I was doing some other things and didn't have much time for my blog.  And for the last six months I have been trying to get well.  I got septic arthritis in my right wrist the 29 of Dec. and took antibotics for six weeks.  Then took another trip to the hospital with pneumonia, had to fight that off.  The last trip to the hospital was with condritius, probably misspelled.  Anyway for the last three weeks I have been feeling great.  I have been keeping up with all of you.  And playing with Pinterest!!!         
Good to be back.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Thought I would show you the clutch bag I made for my friend Gala for Christmas.  This is a pattern from the last Crazy Quilting magazine that Pat Winters put out.  If you haven't seen her magazines you should get some copies.  They are great!   Full of eye candy, great patterns and artists that show all kinds of fun things to do. 

 The girl shown here was also from Pat Winters.  I love olive green and purple.  My favorite colors.  The lace shown here is some that I painted just for this project.  I also dyed the ribbon.

The back was some material that I had, it was a sample.  But it worked fine.  I had so much fun making this little bag.  I want to make me a bag to carry my phone next.  And I must make one of Pat's BoHo bags.  That's when I can find some time.  Thank's for the pattern and the magazine Pat. 
This gift was made for another friend Brenda.  She saw one something like it in the Antique Mall, but it was a Christmas one so I made her one for all year.  It was made from an old shelf that had come apart.  It worked perfect. 

 I am always looking for these old door knobs and face plates.  They work on lots of things. 

Brenda was going to put this at her front door to welcome her friends.  I had fun painting this for her.  Hope she enjoys it.
So glad you stopped by.  Have a great day.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Thought I would give you a look at the new things I have listed on my Etsy.  If you like butterflies I have a few.  They are unique and very pretty. 

I will be listing more things this week.  I think I will be home now until after the Thanksgiving Holiday.  That will be nice, maybe I can get some things done around here.  
Hope every one has a wonderful weekend!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Thought I would show you some of the bling I got at the estate sale today.  The top two are pins and the bottom ones were for shoes.

 I think they are all very vintage. 
The pictures are not as good as I would like, but rhinestones are hard to get.  Isn't this one great!!!!
I used a flash on this one.  It does show the bling.
Hope you enjoyed.  I will be listing some bling on my etsy next week.  I got a lot of it at an estate sale last weekend over here by my house.  They had tons and I got all I could afford.
Hope you all have a great day tomorrow.                                                                           

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This is a window that I have been working on to display jewelery in the mall.  The top window has a fan in it and I decoupaged orchid rice paper behind it.  The fan shows different stages in a girls wedding.  The bottom window I took a piece of poster board and glued antique lace all over it.  Then added bits of jewelery and beads.  The hooks are for holding the jewelery.  I added a wire to the top to hang it and another wire in the middle to display vintage clip earrings.  I think it will make a very good display.  I have lots of vintage jewelery and it sure needs to be sold.

 And this is my attempt to make a little shoe.  I used all vintage material for it.  I had a little baby shoe so I cut me a pattern from it.  The pink lining was from an old gown that I got at an estate sale.  I kind of crazy quilted the lace on the lining for the top of the shoe. 
 I covered a piece of card board with the pink lining and put inside the shoe to give it some shape.
 And last of all I added the pearl buttons.  It looks just like a little vintage baby shoe.
I just loved the little shoes that Dawn and Lisa made so thought I would see what I could do.  They are really fun to make.
  Hope all of you have a wonderful day!!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Miss Lacee and I would like to thank you Karen.  You really fixed us up.  I know what I'm doing again.  Wish I knew what you knew.  This is a new picture of Miss Lacee.  She is growing like a weed and about to get the best of me.  They say if I can hold out for six months I'll have it made.  Wish me luck. 
Hope all of you have a wonderful night.