Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today I thought I would show you what I have been up to here lately. This is one of my pretties that I put in the mall a few days ago. I went to one of Lisa's classes and learned to make this little sweetie. Here is an altered art bottle, I love the lavender!

And a sweet valentine..... It will be here soon.

An old door part with Bible verse...

Here are a couple of little cabinets that I shabby chic today. They will look very sweet with some baskets in the shelves. This little round table got the same treatment. It has a glass that goes on the top. Think I will put some cards or something under the glass when I put it in the mall. She has some little metal shoes to put on each foot.

These are my Cottage Cream frames..... Most of my frames have sold so I had to fix a new supply.

Another Cottage Cream frame. All of my decor is either Cottage Cream, Shabby Chic, or French Distressed Black.
Sunday I went to Arlington to get some groceries and ran in an Estate sale that was ready to close. I found a deal on all this furniture. This coffee table I got for my living room. I sold my cottage sofa the other day and now have a victorian sofa. So I needed a pretty coffee table. Think this one will do nicely.

I think this night table is from the forties. I will probably paint it Cottage Cream or Shabby Chic for my booth.
The lamps are so pretty..... I will add tea dyed lace to the shades and my paint the gold to a Cottage Cream. Really change them up.

And these little tables are from the forties too, at least I think. Think my aunt had a pair of these when I was a little girl. I will probably leave them the way they are. They were a little wobbly, I fixed one today and will fix the other one tomorrow. The glass on the floor goes on top of them. They are just darling.

Hope you enjoyed my little pretties today. Wishing all of you a good night and have a good day tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Welcome to "Tattered Elegance". This is my own booth in Lone Star Antique Mall. I am still moving in, but thought I would give you a glimpse of it now. This is the sign I made with the name of my booth. It is the foot board of a twin bed that I found on the curb. I painted it "Cottage Cream" and filled in the name is shades of purples with some purple flowers. All my furniture will be Cottage Cream along wth most of the decor. I would like to do the walls darker, but everything takes time.

I also need a wall on this side of the booth. Maybe later.

This is an antique shelf that Rick spray painted and I added the cream. It sold the first day it was in the mall.

I have another shelf that I am working on that will take the place of this one. It will hold a lot more things and will look a lot better.

I bought this bakers rack from the lady that had the booth before me. It is iron and I love it. Need to add some cream to it.

This is a lock box that I made to hold my jewelery. My first attempt at making something out of wood.

My walls really need some work. I will be moving a large vintage chest in to sit on this wall before the weekend. I will finish it tomorrow.

I also bought a big fish bowl that sits on an iron stand, it will hold the lace I have for sale. And today I cleaned up my bird bath and it will hold all the mofits and buttons. I am so excited about having my own booth again. A lot of work, but sooo much fun.

Hope all of you have a wonderful tomorrow!!!