Monday, February 22, 2010


This if my find today.  I stop in the Goodwill anytime I am close to it just to see if they have something.  And today they had this corner shelf.  It sure was dirty, but I took some Mean Green to it and got off all the dirt and grime.  I am going to give it a good sanding and some shabby white paint.  This will make someone a good display shelf in and antique booth.  I've got several things going right now, but should finish one or two this week.Here is a pic of Joanna and Cindy, I got this one just going around the room snapping shots.  Thank you Joanna for hosting this wonderful night.  I think everyone had a great time.In this shot Angela was showing us a new tip on adding color to a black and white.  As you can see, she sure had the attention of Lori, Lisa, and Audra.  Oh yes, Audra is a new comer to the group and to the Metroplex.  Hope you come back everytime.  This girl can draw, we need to get her some watercolor pencils.  She has talent, we just need to get her to get it together.LOLJoanne was organizing all her pics.  She had a lot and worked on them for quite a while.  And Cami was working on a little fairy.  It is adorable!  I'm sure she will post it when she is finished.Charlene and Cami talking over something.  Probably thinking about hitting the food table.  We had delicious cup cakes, Cami brought an impossible pie, very tasty,  I brought some chips and dips and there was come chocolate candy or cookies I think.  All was very good.  I think everyone had a great time and can't wait for next month. 
Tonight we are expecting snow again, I just hope we don't get much.  I'm not a snow person, guess thats one reason I love Texas.  But this seems to be our year to get that white stuff.  Oh well, spring will be here soon, I saw my first blooms Sunday.  A house down the street from me has a bush that is full of red blooms.  It looks so pretty and springy.  Also my vine has yellow buds on it and my rose bush is putting on leaves.  Can't wait for that WARM weather.
Hope all of you have a great Tuesday!
Hugs, Pat

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Thought I would show you another one of my curb side finds.  I found this a few months ago sitting on the curb.  It had some leaves and very dusty.  I cleaned up the lining and matress cover.  Think I need to make a pillow and little cover for it.  It had a little damage on the end.  The weaving had come loose in a few places.  So I got out the old trusty glue gun and put it back in order.  So I guess this will make it to Antique Alley too.  I think she is lovely!!  Think she would make a great display piece for someones booth in an antique mall.  Would hold lots of beautiful treasures.Hope you enjoyed looking at my little basket.  Today I found another curb side find, a bed or at least the head  and foot board of the bed.  It is vintage, I think it was from the late forties or early fifties.  The reason I think that is it looks like one my mother and dad had.  It is even blond like the one they had.  Only this one is not as elaborate as mothers.  Hers was beautiful with two colors of wood.  It was destroyed in the 79 tornado that hit Vernon, TX just before it hit Wichita Falls.  It destroyed their home and almost everything in it.  Wish we would have had some pics of the furniture, but we didn't take pics of our homes back then like we do now.  I love to look back at how I have changed my home over the years.  It has changed many time inside and out.  I'll show the bed when I figure out what I'm going to do with it.
Hope all of you have a great day.
Hugs, Pat

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This is my curb side find.  It was put out in the rain and looked like it was a good chair.  Just needed a little TLC.  I forgot to take pictures of it in its ugly duckling stage, but it had paint spattered all over it.  But, thank goodness it was water based paint and I scrubbed it all off with one of those little nylon dish scrubbers.  Looks pretty good.  The seat was in good shape too, vinyl olive green, but I wanted flowers so I redid the cushion.  I will be taking it to the Cleburne Antique Alley.  It will be perfect for someone's desk and who knows I may run across one of those. Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday.
Hugs, Pat

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Here are a couple of pictures of a little vanity chair that I found a couple of years ago at a garage sale.  She has been waiting patiently in my shed forever, being pushed aside, thinking I'll never get to be pretty again.  Well one day Lisa, at Tarnished & Tattered was over and we looked in my shed.  She saw this dirty little pink chair and loved it.  That made me think that I really needed to do something with this little lady.  The metal part of the chair is wonderful and the wooden part was still in good condition.  So I took some pictures and went to work.  I spent several hours taking off the old fabric.  It was so dirty and horrible.  I used the fabric to cut some paper patterns, then cut the material, getting it ready for the new transformation.  It took a couple of days to get the seat and back molded into the little pillow pockets.  But when it was finished I loved it, hope you do too.  I've got it completely ready to sell.
Well this is my little lady in all her glory.  Hope you like her.  I had such a good time dressing her up in all this new finery.  She had went from dull and dirty to a lovely lady waiting for someone to love her as much as I do.  Hope you have enjoyed my little trip today and now I will work some more on the antique wooden desk chair.  I am ready to start the embroidery on the Crazy Quilted chair cushion.  Come back soon and have a wonderful night sweet friends. 

Hugs, Pat

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I have been working on a metal chair ripping the covering off.  It had a pink cushion on the seat and on the back.  Then I had to get all the grime off the metal.  It has a great shabby chic look and I wanted to keep that.  Today I went looking for some fabric, I went to several stores looking for the right look for the right price and I found this.  I think it will look great when I get it finished.  Right now I have two chairs and a set of sewing machine drawers all in progress.  Will show you the out come of the metal chair hopefully this week.  Thanks for stopping by and hope all of you have a wonderful evening.
Hugs, Pat