Thursday, January 22, 2009

Flea Market and Antique Mall Finds

Yesterday I went to Cleburne to visit my cousin Patsy and we went to the flea market. They have a morning flea market every Wednesday. Some times you find a lot and sometimes not much. Yesterday we didn't find too much. Afterwards I went to an antique mall at Benbrook. They had a lot of beautiful things, but nothing I needed. Although, last week I went to a little antique mall in Hurst and found a lot of tatting and a couple of pieces of crochet with some rickrack attached to it. I love vintage laces, tatting and crochet. That's one of the thing I hoard.

This is the crochet and tatting. Lot of nice pieces. Most are about a yard long or more. The colors are nice too. I love pastels in these kinds of trims. They have some more, but I could only afford so much. Maybe I can go back and they will still have them after I make some more money.

And these are the things I found at the flea market. The fork is a money clip. I love it. The watch I want to alter and turn into a necklace. The stone is some kind of spider turquoise. At least that is what the man told me. Anyway I think it will look great wraped in some wire and made into a necklace or something. And the keys, they are adorable. They will look good on something. Maybe an alter bottle.

Thanks for stopping by I always enjoy your visit. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

One Of My Pottery Ventures

This is a white Roseville Vase that had a little chunk gone and a hairline crack.

This is a beautiful Weller Vase and it had a couple of chunks gone out of it.

The third is another Roseville planter and the chip at the bottom is the only chip it has. The other white spots are papers stuck to it.

The little green bowl had a chip at the rim. It was the smallest, but the hardest to repair. The paint was so hard to match.

This is what they look like when I finished. I'm working on some Roseville and Hull for myself right now. And the lady tonight is getting some more pieces for me to repair. She let several of her friends see my work and I will get some from them. Keep me in your prayers that I will start getting a lot of repair work. I worked very hard in my classes to learn to do this so I could support myself.

I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I've Been Tagged......

Shari at" has tagged me to participate in fun "Meme."

Here are the directions: Open a document or photo folder and choose the fifth folder and then the fifth photo in that folder. Next, post the photo with a description about it and then tag 5 friends to do the same.

This is a picture of my cousins north entry of her house. She has one of those old victorian homes that she calls the "Anglin Queen Anne" B&B. This picture was taken the first year she moved it. She was on the Candlelite Walk that year and we decorated for it. Everything was so pretty. She has done a lot more work over the years and it is beautiful now. I've got lots of pictures if anyone is interested in seeing them just let me know. She has beautiful things in that house. Sometimes I think its more like an antique mall.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

A Visit From My Daughter

Yesterday my daughter, Kim, came and spent the day with me. We had a lovely visit. First we went to see her brother, Kent and his family. Had a nice visit with them. Then Kim and I made a few of the thrift shops. I found a candelabrum. It still had two old crystals on it and two were missing. It has places for five candles. I had found a chandelier a few weeks ago. So I cleaned both of them today and painted both a soft pink. They sure are looking better. The chandelier had all of its crystals except for two. I'll try to get pictures tomorrow so you can see them.
Getting back to my daughter, she brought me a hummingbird feeder for the spring. It is so cute. I just love it. I love the days that we can spend together. Then today my son, Kent came by for a visit. He usually comes if he gets off early from work. We had a long talk, we love to share things. So my week has started off great. Visits with both my kids, what could be better. God is so good to us.

Thought I would show you what I found at a resale shop in Arlington last Friday. I go there a lot. They have the cutest things and everything is so nice and clean. Any way I looked up and there on the wall was this picture. I was so amazed. I had just looked the artist up on the web a few months ago. She is a china painter and teacher. I looked her up to see if I could find a book by her. She is Sonnie Ames. I love her work. Thought you might love it too.

Would like to thank everyone that has popped in for a visit. I enjoyed hearing from each one of you. Take care and have a blessed night.


Friday, January 9, 2009

A Nice Garage Sale Find

This load of stamps and ink pads was a heck of a deal. Can you believe I got all this for ten bucks. Most of the stamps are new and some of the stamp pads have never been used. I had sent all my stamps and ink home with a friend in Virginia a few years ago because I had stopped using them, but now that the altered art is so popular I thought why not. I can always use them.

And here is some bling. The butterfly was a pin, but the clasp was broken off. A fifty cent find. I love bling!

This is a cute little baby cap. I may put some little pink ribbon roses on it. Just to make it look more like a little princess.

Want to wish all of you a wonderful and blessed weekend.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My New Altered Necklace

I finished this necklace last week. My inspiration was a couple of necklaces I saw in an antique mall the day after New Years Day. I just wanted to get out and do nothing, so what better place to go than an antique mall. I saw several things to inspire me. Now I just need some time to do them. The necklace at the mall had a lot more charms than mine. It looked as tho it might be to heavy, and it did not have earrings. One was in pink and the other in purple. I LOVE PURPLE, but I did mine in pink. I love the light pink crystals. I am always finding jewelery at garage sales and I can't keep from buying it. I have a LARGE stash of jewelry. So this necklace was made from my stash. One thing about it, IT IS ONE OF A KIND. I hope you enjoyed looking at one of my creations.

Have a wonderful and blessed day!


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Miss Feebee and I would like to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year. It is my wish that everyone will be bless with health, happiness and lots of creativity. May this 2009 be the best year we have ever had and may Gods love fill our hearts to the limit each and every morning.

Smiles and love to you all,
Pat & Miss Feebee