Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Here are some new necklaces that I have been working on. It was really a lot of fun. This one takes me back to grade school when I used to wear a skate key around my neck. I always skated at recess. I love those kind of memories.

This one was a pin of a lady that I put on a flattened out spoon and added an old earring. Other earrings and beads on the chain.

I love making things like this. All the beautiful lace. This one is a lovely jar to store earrings or other jewelery.

And don't you love this little bird bottle. The top was already there so I just added some lace, beads and bling.

Had to make the back elegant too.

These are my fork easels. I have been making these for about seven years now and I saw they turned up in one of the Sumerset mags. They are so neat for light weight pics.

Hope you enjoyed and have a great day!!