Friday, February 6, 2009

Miss Feebee's New Scratching Post

This is my little Miss Feebee, do you think she will appreciate all my work today making this little scratching post? I sure hope so, it was a lot of work. But maybe she is worth it. After all she's my baby.

Last week I went to a new thrift store on the other side of Fort Worth and found this spool. It was made to hold some kind of wire. I saw it and thought that would make a neat scratching post for my Miss Feebee, and the price was good, only 99 cents. So I put it in my basket. When I got ready to pay out it was half price. So they almost gave it to me. Well yesterday I cut two round boards to fit on each end. I put one on and took it out back and filled the tube with rocks to give it some weight. Then I put the other round board on and wrapped it all in batting. Today I got out my material and covered the whole thing. Now I just hope she uses it.

This is Miss Feebee's new scratching post, at least I hope she accepts it and uses it. She has been scratching on an old chair I have and I want to make her stop. So I thought I would give her a piece of furniture all her own. I even used real nice upolstery and gave her some tassels to play with. Do you think she could be kind of spoiled? Really? I know one thing she keep me hopping. She is full of mischief. I'll be glad when this baby stage is over!!! Maybe she will settle down.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I've got a new project for tomorrow so I guess I'll be busy. Maybe I can even find a few garage sales since it is so warm. Up in the seventies. Take care.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I am adding some of my art work and different things to my other blog, Tattered Elegance & Close Creations. You will find it at the top left under MY SELLING SPOTS. I will be listing all kinds of things. Hope you will take a look every now and then. You might find something you can't live without. I am trying to list most of my things with free shipping.

It's hard for me to get anything done for reading everyone elses blog. I am becoming a blog addict. But right now I have to stop and work on some pottery. We had a pretty day yesterday so I got to spray what I needed too, have to do that outside because it is so toxic. Now I need to get the air brush out and do some painting. Then I will be almost done. I'll post it when I finish so you can see the before and afters.

Smiles and have a blessed day,

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Little Shoe

This is the little shoe that I have altered. My aunt Juanita, mothers sister used to live with me. I took care of her for about three years. She gave me a lot of her old things that belonged to her husbands old maid sister. The sister was a school teacher and traveled a lot in the summers. She would be 100 or over if she was still living. Anyway this is the little shoe she gave me. I have always kept it sitting out because it is so sweet and cute. It was well worn and was completely leather. It had a strap under the bow that fastened with a button that was missing. So a few days ago I met a new blog friend and we went to lunch and antiqueing and at one of the malls Charlene found the cutest little shoe, I had been seeing Dawn's little shoes and I thought I might try to alter this one. So I got started on Friday and finished today. I just love it. And one of the little secrets about it is that the little egg in the nest is real. I was cleaning out some things in my garage last summer and a little bird got in there and laid two eggs. When I saw them in a doiley I didn't know what they were, they were so tiny and I mashed one and lost it. But I saved this one. I knew I was keeping it for something, but had no idea what until now.

This is the place of honor that I placed my little shoe, with a rose behind it and a picture of my grand-daughter Payton and me. Of course this picture is several years old, Payton will soon be twelve. They grow up so fast. I live with a little cat called Miss Feebee so I thought the little angel cat would be fitting in the shoe with my bird nest and egg. It sure was a lot of fun working on it. Thanks Dawn for showing me how to do it.
Let me know if you think it looks okay.

Hope everyone has a restful Sunday.