Thursday, July 23, 2009

QC Vest with Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Thought I might show you some of my vests that I made back in the 90's. I walked into a fabric store and there was a lady there that was doing silk ribbon embroidery and I fell in love with it. I took a lesson and started buying books and then I found Judith Baker Montano and she put Crazy Quilting with her silk ribbon embroidery and I loved it. So I had to try my hand at it. The first vest I'm showing you is one I made for my aunt. She is 93 now. She lived with me for about three years. She loved bright colors. The second one is the one I made for myself. My favorite color is purple and you can tell by this vest. It has a lot of pins on it that I collected and some were given to me by friends. Some of the buttons were my Grannies, they are very special. The larged framed embroidery was done for a Christmas present for my Mother. She loved it. The three that are hanging together I made to put in my room. And the last one I just did it for fun. I made lots of thing during those years and gave away. I made a vest for my best friend and did ribbon embroidery on a denim vest for her. It had roses on the front and back. I think she probably has more of my work than anyone else. She loved my work. I may start doing some more of this since I'm not painting much any more. I know I have one project I'm going to do with CQ and embroidery and sewing machine drawers. Hope you enjoy!

Hope everyone has a restful night and wonderful tomorrow.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Saturday was my day for the Trade Day Flea Market here in my little part of Fort Worth. It started out good, got there to set up and it was just coming light. The heat wasn't so bad. I could take my time getting things in order, it wasn't suppose to start until nine. Of course some people always come early and then you have the ones that are driving by and see a sale and you can hear the brakes squeling. Those are the ones like me. I always brake for a good sale.

As the people started coming things started selling and as long as we were in the shade it wasn't too bad. We didn't have as many people there buying as at most flea markets, but I can't complain, I had a very profitable day. It was really hot after around noon and by the time I was packing up it was horrible. Think the temp. was 102 or 103.

I finally got home about 4:30, took a cool shower and hit the bed. Stayed there all day Sunday and haven't done much today. With RA the heat and getting tired can really do a number on you. But if I rest enought I'll bounce back. Should be okay tomorrow.

I took more pictures of the dealers I'll try to post later and we had an Elvis impersonator. He was cute and sang pretty good. I know that poor guy was dripping wet by the time his show was over. All in all it was a real good day.

Thanks for coming Lori, I enjoyed your visit.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Thought I would show you my cake stand I found at a garage sale last Saturday. It is a Silver Crest Fenton cake stand. I paid $2 for it and my cousin collects all kinds of Fenton and she said to price it at $5o to sell it. That's quite a profit it it sells for that. We went to an antique mall today and they had three pieces of silver crest Fenton and they were all smaller pieces and each had from 4o to 45 dollars on them. This one is perfect and so pretty. I will be going to another Trade Days Flea Market on July 11 and I will probably take my cake plate and try to sell it there.

The rose picture is a Sonie Ames print that I found in a resale shop in Arlington. I shop there quite often and have found several nice things. Sonie is a ceramic artist and paints the most beautiful flowers. She has some books, I would love to take some lessons from her and learn to paint on ceramics. But I will probably have to stick to other kinds of surfaces. You can find some of Sonie's work on the internet. She is great!!

Hope you enjoyed my finds.