Monday, April 12, 2010


This is my little antique chair that I am taking to the 15 Mile Antique Alley that will be going on this coming weekend. I will be going over to take a load today. Will start setting up on Wednesday and Thursday. The sale starts in Cleburne on Hwy. 4 and goes to Maypearl. People are set up on the side of the road in front yards and in pastures. If you are looking for a good time this weekend come on over. I am setting up on Main street in the 700 block. The house is gray and it is between two restrants. One is a Mexican restrant. This is a pic of the way it looked when I took it out of the shed.

I had to put a bottom in it. So I used a piece of plywood that I had in the shed.

And these are some pics of the crazy quilt seat cushion. I couldn't embellish it too much with it being a seat. It all had to be flat embellishments.

I made the little pansy and took the blue bird pattern from and old vintage scarf I had.

Did a lot of feather stitchs in here. I love feather stitches.

The girl is from a piece of material I had. And the green lace came off a dress I bought just for the lace. The pink flower lace is a piece that I hand painted with dye. I loved the way it turned out. And I have six more of these chairs. Maybe I'll get some more done one of these days. I hope you enjoyed my chair and if you are around drop by the flea market and see me.

Have a great day. Hugs, Pat

Monday, April 5, 2010


This is my little table that I have been working on. I've had it for several years, just haven't got around to doing anything with it. I had planned on painting roses on it, but decided that would take too long. So after I primed and painted it I thought about decoupage. I have some beautiful rose wall paper and added it to my table. Then I used gel stain to give it that shabby look. Also added some sealer to the top to make sure the paper would not come off. I love the way it turned out. Down below is what it used to look like.

The light is making it look too white. The two pics above is the color. And here is the start of the project. It was looking pretty sad. But I had high hopes for it.

I wanted to show you my pine tree in my front yard. I planted wisteria vines all around it about seven years ago and this is what it has turned into. I posted pictures of it last year, but I just have to show it every year. The people driving down the street stop and want to know what kind of tree it is or the take pictures. It really is breath taking right now. But the petals have already started falling and they won't last much longer. The sweet fragrance is wonderful and it comes into my living room when the wind is blowing. I love this vine. I also have a Lady Banks vine in the back yard. It has been blooming little yellow flowers. It is not as healthy as my wisteria. But after I get my new fence up in the back yard I'm going to start feeding her. Then she will really start growing.

Hope you enjoyed my pics. Come back soon and spend some time with me.

Hugs, Pat

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I hope all of you and your families had the most wonderful Easter ever. A beautiful day with beautiful thoughts of our savior making the way for our salvation. What a precious gift he gave us. May we remember his love every day the way we do on Easter!!!
Hugs, Pat