Sunday, June 27, 2010


I was sooo lucky to get to go to The Paper Cowgirls. My good friend Lori, at Katie's Rose Cottage had planned to meet her husband in Vegas, so she called me and gave me the most welcome gift, of her day at Paper Cowgirls. I could go and spend all day Friday with two of my other best friends Charlene and Lisa and then attend Lisa's class. What a friend, what a GIFT! I have known Lori for quite a few years and she is one of the sweetest ladies you will ever know. She reminds me of my daughter, Kim and I kind of love her like a daughter. She is so pretty, sweet and talented. I would take her as a daughter anytime. Anyway, thank you so much Lori, you made my friday a wonderful day.

This is a picture of the table and the ones below are close ups. Lisa had everything looking so pretty.

These were the pictures we could use.

Think we didn't love this travel case of old vintage lace!

Lots of beautiful sheet music.

One of my favorites, tatting and roses.

We also had buttons and beads!........Plus a bucket of water if we got too dry.

Here are a couple of the kits that Lisa made for us. Each one was so pretty. Thank you Lisa for making this a beautiful class.

These are the jewels that I came home with plus a lot of knowledge on how to make other things. The class was awsome and I met so many nice Paper Cowgirls.

This one I love learning to do. I have a lot of family pictures that I will be using this method on. This photo was a copy of a picture in an old scrap book that belonged to my aunts sister-in-law. She was a school teacher that never married. My aunt took care of her in a nursing home as her private sitter. After my aunt had been working for a while she met the ladies brother and before long they married. Now you know how I came by the scrap book. In the back of the scrap book she had saved many family pictures. This was one of them, you know this might be my uncle when he was a baby. She didn't tell who they were

This is my transparency that Lisa gave me to work with and the finished look. I loved learning to do this. There are so many possibilities. If you get a chance to take this class it is very worth while. Lisa is a great teacher!!

This is one of the beautiful bags that Lisa made for all the students in her class. It held pictures, laces, fabrics and all kinds of goodies for us to work with. And each one looked a little different. This was my bag. Isn't it wonderful? I met so many nice sweet ladies, Jan, at Polkadotbarn and Jodie, at everything vintage. These I got cards from. Hope you visit their blogs, both very nice ladies.
After the day of playing in crafts we all went to a wonderful dinner of fried fish and chicken. Even had some fried pickles. Afterwards we all headed to the Antique Malls. We went from top to bottom in two malls and then hit the scrapbook store. Everyone seemed to have a ball. When we got back to the hotel I headed back to Fort Worth. But what a wonderful day!!!

Thank you sweet Lori.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Pat Winter's is having a Summer Giveaway. I want to invite you over to her place and have a look. She has an amazing prize for that giveaway. Here is a peek! Just click here and it will take you there.

Pam Kellogg is a friend of Pat Winters and Pam is in a contest. She needs votes and I saw her crazy quilt here and it is beautiful. Hope you will go to Daisy Pink Cupcake and cast a vote in the #2 contest for #7 (kittyandme). What I saw, Pam has a beautiful blog. Let's help her win.

Hope everyone is having a great week !!!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


There is a party going on here and you are invited. Hope you will join all of us showing off the places where we create. I'm a little late today, I have been fighting alergies all week and they just seem to be gettingd worse. But I just had to join in the party!! This is the west wall of my studio. As you can see I have a red studio. This was a bedroom for my aunt when she was living with me and I thought I would keep it red for a while. It does give out energy. The chest holds some of my fabric to make pillows and things. The plastic containers hold some of my crazy quilt fabric and the plastic caddie holds my sewing supplies while the vase on top holds all of my tatting. I love my tatting!!

This is a better view. The old T.V. lets me watch HGTV when I'm working. Need to make my friend a new dress. The baskets hold ribbon, crochet and some material. Patterns and books on the bottom shelf. Along with my surger.
My desk is on the north wall, there is a window on the west at the left side of the desk. I like it since I have a lot of light there. Don't know what happened to my desk, I lost it.

On the east wall is another plastic container holding crochet, fabric and on top a train case holding all my thread for the machine. The chest was my aunts and I keep it for overflow things.

This shelf sits beside the chest . I store all my wooden thread spools, crochet and ribbon in some of these jars. Different kinds of threads, ribbons and things in the containers. Small mofits in the blue box, they are special and below it is fringe.

On the next shelf is some of my books. Mostly the ribbon embroidery and crazy quilt books. The ginger bread metal tin holds my good buttons.

These last shelves hold my prized possessions, my old tattered and bridal lace. I love to collect or a some say hoard old lace. My main objective when I go to sales is finding old lace, buttons, tatting, and crochet. I also love embroidery work. I have a container of that on the bottom shelf too.

The bottom table holds fabric and the top one has another train case with old buttons. The top has one of my favorite lamps on it.

And here is my old singer sewing machine. I bought it a couple of months ago to do some crazy quilting . I love the beautiful stitch that the old machine makes. When I make other things I have a portable machine. It is singer too.
Hope you enjoyed your visit, I love showing it to you. You are always welcome here for a visit. Also I hope you will visit all the blogs that are joining in the party and be sure to let Karen know you enjoyed our party.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I have started listing things on my my selling spots. This sweet little basket that I found is now listed on my Etsy. Sold And this beautiful quilt top is listed on Tattered Elegance & Close Creations.

I have been finding quite a few things that I will be listing. I will let you know when I list some more.

Today I made a valance for my studio. I will be on Karen Valentin's, Where Blogger's Create next Saturday. Hope everyone will stop in to see my new studio. I have spent a lot of time getting it ready. I have painted everything in there except my desk, sewing machine and a chest that is that French Provencial look. Rebecca will probably like it. It kind of matches what she is working on now.

Tomorrow I am going back to Rick's to finish up the desk. And we are going to start on a table. This is a large dining room table. We love the legs, but the top is ruined. Rick is going to make a new top and I am going to get to learn how he does it. I may get to learn how to use a router. I bought one back in the winter at a yard sale. It had only been used one time and I got it for $25.00. Craftsman!! He also has some shelves for us to work on. I'll keep you posted as we finish. I always take my camera.

Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Well here is the chest. It is finished and in the house. That's why the picture is so dark. I think it turned out great and Linda liked it so that was what counted. Today I worked on the desk again. I have it finished except for the doors. I will finish them up tomorrow. Then I will that a picture of it. Sure wish this was mine. Don't you just love all this ornate stuff on it?

Here is a picture of the side. It looks good too. She is going to put a gold mirror above it. It will look great.
I love working with Rick. I am learning a lot. Hope all of you enjoyed the chest and come back tomorrow for the desk.
Hope you all have a blessed day tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


This is a desk that belongs to a friend of mine, Linda, and she wants it white. So I started sanding on it yesterday. Did some of the drawers and this morning, Rick, another friend suggested we strip it. So that's what we did. He started stripping the doors while I worked on the chest below. These are the pictures as we started this morning.

This is her chest, Rick painted it Tuesday and I put a light coat of MinWax on it, Linda said she didn't want it too dark. Well it was too light so I put another coat on this morning and it looks a lot better. I'll show thoses pics later. It is drying over night and Rick will spray a sealer on it in the morning. The ornate features on this chest are beautiful and when I added this coat this morning you could really see them. Just hope Linda likes it.
This is one of the two drawers, they are so awsome!

And here are the pictures later on this afternoon, after a lot of sweat. It was really hot out there. We still have some work left for tomorrow, but it is really looking good. And thanks to Rick, I am learning a lot about wood, tools and stripping furniture. He really knows what he is doing when it come to restoring furniture.

This is some of the clean up. But doesn't the desk look good.

I'll take some more pics tomorrow and show you the progress. I think this is some of the neatest furniture I have worked on.
Hope everyone has enjoyed the visit and have a blessed night.