Monday, January 12, 2009

A Visit From My Daughter

Yesterday my daughter, Kim, came and spent the day with me. We had a lovely visit. First we went to see her brother, Kent and his family. Had a nice visit with them. Then Kim and I made a few of the thrift shops. I found a candelabrum. It still had two old crystals on it and two were missing. It has places for five candles. I had found a chandelier a few weeks ago. So I cleaned both of them today and painted both a soft pink. They sure are looking better. The chandelier had all of its crystals except for two. I'll try to get pictures tomorrow so you can see them.
Getting back to my daughter, she brought me a hummingbird feeder for the spring. It is so cute. I just love it. I love the days that we can spend together. Then today my son, Kent came by for a visit. He usually comes if he gets off early from work. We had a long talk, we love to share things. So my week has started off great. Visits with both my kids, what could be better. God is so good to us.

Thought I would show you what I found at a resale shop in Arlington last Friday. I go there a lot. They have the cutest things and everything is so nice and clean. Any way I looked up and there on the wall was this picture. I was so amazed. I had just looked the artist up on the web a few months ago. She is a china painter and teacher. I looked her up to see if I could find a book by her. She is Sonnie Ames. I love her work. Thought you might love it too.

Would like to thank everyone that has popped in for a visit. I enjoyed hearing from each one of you. Take care and have a blessed night.



Anonymous said...

Hi Pat!
Gosh, God was good to you yesterday. What a perfect day,and to have a treat to take home too,,the china painter is amazing,,a difficult art,requiring a real concentration. You are lucky to have the pictures. Ihope today is just as blessed!

Uniquely Myself said...

Hello Pat. Thanks for following my Blog. I could to relate to several things on your profile. Love these roses you shared picture of - this is my kind of rose!

texasdaisey said...

God is so good. I just love when He does things like that. Gorgeous picture.