Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Little Shoe

This is the little shoe that I have altered. My aunt Juanita, mothers sister used to live with me. I took care of her for about three years. She gave me a lot of her old things that belonged to her husbands old maid sister. The sister was a school teacher and traveled a lot in the summers. She would be 100 or over if she was still living. Anyway this is the little shoe she gave me. I have always kept it sitting out because it is so sweet and cute. It was well worn and was completely leather. It had a strap under the bow that fastened with a button that was missing. So a few days ago I met a new blog friend and we went to lunch and antiqueing and at one of the malls Charlene found the cutest little shoe, I had been seeing Dawn's little shoes and I thought I might try to alter this one. So I got started on Friday and finished today. I just love it. And one of the little secrets about it is that the little egg in the nest is real. I was cleaning out some things in my garage last summer and a little bird got in there and laid two eggs. When I saw them in a doiley I didn't know what they were, they were so tiny and I mashed one and lost it. But I saved this one. I knew I was keeping it for something, but had no idea what until now.

This is the place of honor that I placed my little shoe, with a rose behind it and a picture of my grand-daughter Payton and me. Of course this picture is several years old, Payton will soon be twelve. They grow up so fast. I live with a little cat called Miss Feebee so I thought the little angel cat would be fitting in the shoe with my bird nest and egg. It sure was a lot of fun working on it. Thanks Dawn for showing me how to do it.
Let me know if you think it looks okay.

Hope everyone has a restful Sunday.


Candy said...

So sweet and the little angel cat guarding the nest or maybe waiting for momma bird to come back.
Happy Monday tomorrow, Candy

Lorri said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and your sweet comments. I do hope everyone who reads it can take something away from it of hope and maybe courage. I was scared to death to step out and do what I did. I kept thinking of Peter walking on water. I knew that if I failed at least I had the courage to get back up and do it again, until I was successful. I start back to school in the fall to work on my BSN. I am very blessed this time to be happily married and have this wonderful support of friends behind me. I am so happy you visited I wouldnot have found your wonderful blog. I will be back.

The Feathered Nest said...

Pat!! I just love your altered shoe form ~ what a sweet piece of artwork!!! Keep creating sweetie ~ I love seeing what you come up with ~ Have a great week!! xxoo, Dawn

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Oh I love what you did with the shoe. Isn't it nice to have something in bad shape and turn it into something beautiful. I think most of us bloggers do a great job at it.. By the way Thanks for stopping by, always a pleasure meeting new people.


How sweet Pat. Great idea. Thanks for sharing your heart and home and art!


Charlene said...

Oh Pat you did an awesome job! I love the shoe! It is so special that you have done this & have it displayed for you to enjoy. I am sure your aunt would be so pleased. And the egg is much better than the silly bird in my altered shoe. I told you Thursday an egg would look better than the bird in the shoe I bought. And you did it with a real egg & that makes it MORE special. Hope Ms Phoebe doesn't bat the egg off the shoe (I saw that little one in action the other day) She's a pill!

Lucy said...

I love that shoe. Really..I should've lived in another generation. That looks like a very small size though. Hmmm....

Pat Winter said...

What a sweet shoe arrangement. I love seeing older things re purposed.
Thank you for the very wonderful comment you left on my blog! Boy is my head big,LOL. You are very sweet, and I appreciate your comments.

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hi Pat,
Love the shoe! Love the purple. I am going back for more...Marcie