Monday, February 22, 2010


This if my find today.  I stop in the Goodwill anytime I am close to it just to see if they have something.  And today they had this corner shelf.  It sure was dirty, but I took some Mean Green to it and got off all the dirt and grime.  I am going to give it a good sanding and some shabby white paint.  This will make someone a good display shelf in and antique booth.  I've got several things going right now, but should finish one or two this week.Here is a pic of Joanna and Cindy, I got this one just going around the room snapping shots.  Thank you Joanna for hosting this wonderful night.  I think everyone had a great time.In this shot Angela was showing us a new tip on adding color to a black and white.  As you can see, she sure had the attention of Lori, Lisa, and Audra.  Oh yes, Audra is a new comer to the group and to the Metroplex.  Hope you come back everytime.  This girl can draw, we need to get her some watercolor pencils.  She has talent, we just need to get her to get it together.LOLJoanne was organizing all her pics.  She had a lot and worked on them for quite a while.  And Cami was working on a little fairy.  It is adorable!  I'm sure she will post it when she is finished.Charlene and Cami talking over something.  Probably thinking about hitting the food table.  We had delicious cup cakes, Cami brought an impossible pie, very tasty,  I brought some chips and dips and there was come chocolate candy or cookies I think.  All was very good.  I think everyone had a great time and can't wait for next month. 
Tonight we are expecting snow again, I just hope we don't get much.  I'm not a snow person, guess thats one reason I love Texas.  But this seems to be our year to get that white stuff.  Oh well, spring will be here soon, I saw my first blooms Sunday.  A house down the street from me has a bush that is full of red blooms.  It looks so pretty and springy.  Also my vine has yellow buds on it and my rose bush is putting on leaves.  Can't wait for that WARM weather.
Hope all of you have a great Tuesday!
Hugs, Pat


Colleen said...

Looks like a fun group..and that shelf IS a good find!

Charlene said...

We did have a fine time my friend. I hope I am in better shape next month. The food was good wasn't it? Glad you brought the salty stuff though... soooooooooo many sweet things! And so happy Lori could finally join our group. Your ribbon embroidery is amazing as always. Sorry we forgot to get your tip to you. I HAD IT WITH ME ALL THE TIME! Forgive me! As you know I'm just NOT there right now. HUGS! Charlene

Peridots Garden Blog said...

I agree with Colleen - "Looks like a fun group" can see the intensity in the faces of each artist!

Love Goodwill! I pop in every chance I get....Mr. B even helps me scout out's funny I've learned to say outloud ..."I'll just look, I might not find anything today."...then sure enough I find LOTS of neat things.

Thank you for sharing!


My Vintage Studio said...

HI Pat.

Looks like you gals had a wonderful time!

Hope you are feeling better!


Rebecca said...

Hi Pat!

That corner cabinet you snagged is amazing. What a GREAT FIND!

I want to come down to TX and join that group. Looks like so much fun!

Love to you~Rebecca said...

Hi sweetie,
You always find something great! I know it will be awesome when your finished with it. I had soooo much fun that night. What a great group we have. Lisa

Maggie R said...

Hi Pat,
Thanks for stopping by to visit me,,, Always fun..
I love this corner unit you found.... It will look fabulous with the shabby finish... I am always intrigued with your finds.... I never spy anything good around where I live!! sigh!!

someplace in thyme said...

Oh another great find. I think I may have to check out the Goodwill tomorrow, Char


A good find. It will make someone a great display shelf.

Spring is near and I'm so ready to paint outside.


Patti's Artful Design said...

Well, that looks like alot of fun....the food sounds great, Pat! How do you get anything painted in weather like that? I am putting the paint sample in the mail tomorrow. Happy painting!

Paula said...

I never find anything that good when I am thrift shopping.

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Cami @ Creating Myself said...

There was nothing on that wall...why do I keep looking up there? ?????

Had fun as always Pat! Love your new's beautiful...front & back!