Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Thought I would show you some of the pottery that I am working on. All of these belong to a lady that sells out of the Burleson Antique Mall. I have been mending quite a few pieces for her.

This little Roseville candle holder has a little chip on the rim.

There is a little chip on the goats tail. It is very small, but really hurts the sale.

I love this piece. The pink color and the shape of this Roseville. Too bad it has a large hunk gone on the bottom.

You can see it very clear here.

And then there is this large Roseville. It has a chip gone on the bottom.

Here's a clear shot of it.

When I finish all of them I will post again and show you the finished product.

Hope all of you have a wonderful night, oh yes, I just got a call from Charlene and her honey from California. Poor things, they had to buy jackets because it was cool. Wish we needed some jackets!!! What we need is an Artic front.... or at least some rain to cool things off. Take care!


My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Pat, I know it takes a lot of patience and talent to repair the pottery. Would love to see photos of your finished work! Have a grea Wednesday! Sharon

Valerie said...

ooh, it pains me to see broken pottery. how do you intend to mend them? looks like i could learn something from you...

Marlene said...

I actually did not know one could actually repair when you have chips! I can't wait to see the pictures...I personally buy things that are chipped and display them up on a shelf witht he chip hidden..wear does not bother me in the least..but since I have my booth I do notice even if it has a deep discount..these much loved pieces often get bypassed..thank you for stopping by my blog! weather here in Cambria on the coast is overcast in 60's and at night we need blankets! we have been having our june Gloom early this year! Have a great day! Marlene

CottageBliss said...

What an art form repairing pottery is! Can't wait to see your finished work.

Stay cool!

Cottage Panache Antqs Blog said...

Can't wait to see when you get them finished! That's wonderful that you can repair these pieces.
Have a wonderful Independence Day!