Friday, June 12, 2009


This is one of the strange looking clouds we had yesterday.

We started having storms Wednesday evening and they got worse as the hours passed. Some of the places around the Metroplex had winds as high as 75 miles per hour. A few tornados in some of the places. And then yesterday we woke up to more rain. Most of the Metroplex got from 6 to 8 inches of rain and it all came so fast. So much flooding around Dallas. We needed rain so bad, but that came fast and heavy and caused so much run off and no place to run.

But, today it is suppose to be hot and humid. I don't mind the hot, but the humid is awful. Hope you all have a wonderful day and weekend.


Lucy said...

I know we can get too much of anything but I look at those clouds and get so wishful. I love rain. AZ is not the place to live if you love rain. I love reading your posts. Thanks.

Shari said...

Heard about the storms around Dallas - doesn't sound like fun. I remember how fast some of the streets in my old stomping grounds would flood when we got too much rain too fast.

We've had a lot of rain here in the midwest this spring. I love rainy days, but may never finish planting my flower beds if the mud doesn't end soon! And the mowing . . . it never ends!! But still, I'm happy to take whatever we get - I love summer!!

CottageBliss said...

Pat, thought you might want to check out my blog for photos of our neighborhood after the last wave of storms hit Wednesday night.

The hardest part for us was the 90* house and no AC for 9 hours...sure makes sleeping with furbabies a sweltering experience.

So glad you all did well,

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

You have a beautiful blog.

I enjoyed reading your blog....
I am new to the blog world and loving it.

Hope you will stop by and read about out latest Disney trip.

Patti's Artful Design said...

Hi Pat! I'm a California girl through and through and that weather you're having, frankly, it's scary! Take care my friend.

Candy said...

I sure know what you mean about humid.I just came in from planting four trees a friend gave me. I am dripping in sweat. Would be nice to have a pool to jump into;-)
Glad you enjoyed my new corner arrangement. Everyone has liked, and never seen, the pics in a frame. I am not known for original things (am of a copy cat) but can't remember if I saw this somewhere or just dreamed it up...too many frames and not enough pics.

Stay cool and please send some rain this way.

Charlene said...

You would think our stock tank would have more water than it does. Thanks for stopping by for Tablescape Thursday. Life has
S _ _ ked the last couple of weeks. Work & father in law issues along with "honey" being underfoot creating more work & stress. I can not wait to go on vacation! Shall we do your BDay before I leave or when I get home?

Cottage Panache Antqs Blog said...

Pat, weren't those the weirdest looking clouds!!? I was outside painting and they almost persuaded me to quit on my painting project!!
Check out my photos of the clouds. You must be very close to us!

Maggie R said...

Rain rain everywhere... we have had our share here in Southern Ontario, Canada...
These clouds look ominus..
stay afe..

Maggie R said...

Ominous..... Mis-spelled the word..sorry