Sunday, October 18, 2009


This is the before picture of the chest. It is kind of a robin egg blue. So I sanded and got it ready for paint. I painted it yesterday and the results are farther down the page. The other things in the photo is a pink iron chair, but I am going to take it as is. And the corner of the shelf that is in the picture I painted it black today along with some large frames. I will distress and wax them all tomorrow. Sorry the first pic is so light. I took it outside and the sun was so bright.

This is the after. Painted black and then distressed and waxed. I added sheet music to the inside of the drawers. I like the look. Even changed out the drawer pulls from wooden ones to metal ones. These pics are kind of dark, I took them in the living room tonight and didn't have enough light. Sorry!

I sure have been working and I can tell it. My body is so tired. Sure will be glad when this is over. Then I only have one more sale. Again at Cleburne on Nov.6th. Hope if you live here you will pop by Jana's Collected Treasures for her 2nd Trade Day of the year. It will start about 8:00 next Saturday. Mark it on your calendar. We are all going to have lots of fun!

Hugs, Pat


Then and Now at Collected Treasures said...

I really like the chest. I'm with you on being worn out. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sat. I'm hoping for a beautiful day with lots of customers.
C. xxoo

Shari said...

Hi Pat! Love this chest you have finished. I really enjoy black things and love the idea of putting music in the drawers. Hope your trade days are fun and successful!!