Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Thought I would share a few pictures with all of you today. I have been working for days trying to get everything ready for the Trade Day at Jana's the 24th. Time is passing fast and I still have a lot of work to do. I worked on a couple of Christmas trees today. One is green with the usual Christmas colors, the other one is a white feather tree with pink ornaments and pink lace roses and little white pearls. I'll try to get some good pictures tomorrow and show them to you. Now here are the pictures.

Can you believe this big eyed little lady is me. I think I was about two or nearly, didn't have much hair yet. But by the time I was three I had plenty. This is my only copy. Think I need to have some restore work on it before it all fades away.

Don't you just love little girls all dressed up?

And isn't he a sweety!

I think she is so pretty.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and have a wonderful night.
Hugs, Pat


Charlene said...

Love the photos! Yes, fix that one of you while it is still clear. All the photos are adorable. I love the little boy too. So often the little boys are ignored. He looks like he is spunky. Can't wait to see your trees. Sorry we couldn't meet up. I still have my headache & ears are still really full. MORE DRUGS NEEDED!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat!
What a sweet photo and I agree with Charlene,try to restore it while it is still clear.
Those other photos are so precious...

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment on my post today.
I agree with you, too. Phone calls are definitely what is needed and ALOT of them. Too sheltered and short memories. Prayers are needed and voting next year!


~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

Cottage Panache Antqs Blog said...

Pat, thanks for visiting my blog and the prayers and thoughts. It was great having you stop by. Love the toddler photo of you ~ so sweet.
Hugs, Maureen

Patti's Artful Design said...

Hi Pat! I wish you could have been at our "Remnants" Show too! Good luck with your Trade Days. I wish you the same beautiful Autumn weather that we had for our show!

Candy said...

Yes, on the feeling I am still young but trapped in the aging shell. My 91 year old MIL is constantly complaining about this. Cute photos and good luck on the up-coming sale. Are you going to show the trees?
Wednesday Blessings ;-)

Then and Now at Collected Treasures said...

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures.
I miss you, and am looking forward to seeing you at Trade Days.
Carolyn xxoo