Tuesday, January 26, 2010


  To live in love is to live in everlasting youth.  Whoever enters old age by this royal road will find the last of life to be the very best of life.  Instead of finding himself descending the hills of life, he will find it uphill all the way, into clearer air.  There the vision reaches further; there the sunsets are more golden, and the twilight last longer.                                                                                                                        Mary Livermore

I've been out of touch for a while.  I was nursing an infection for a couple of weeks and then I fell into a bad depression.  Think maybe it was just a BAD PITY PARTY.  Any way thats what my son thinks.  I talked to the nurse today and all the tests came back and everything is back to normal with the infection and I am taking a positive approach to everything now so I'm going to be fine and happy from now on.  We are what we eat and WE ARE WHAT WE THINK!  I for one am going to think before I open my mouth.   Hopefully tomorrow I am going to get started working on an antique chair.  I'm taking pictures of the before and I will show it when it is finished.  I have six of these antique chairs and I want to get them all done and ready for the Cleburne Antique Alley this April.  I've got a lot of work before that time and it will be here before we know.  Time goes by so fast these days.

Here are some pansies I wanted to share with everyone.  These came from an old book back in the 1800's I think.  They are so pretty.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful night and tomorrow.
Hugs, Pat


Collected Treasures said...

Oh, Pat...I am so sorry you have not been feeling well, but am glad to hear that things are getting better. I felt like something was wrong, but being on the outside of "the circle", I didn't feel I could ask....come any day if there is something I can help you with...you know I will if I can. Or come anyway....I will always try to make you smile.....jana

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Hi Pat ~
I am sorry that you were not feeling well Pat but am happy to hear that you are on the mend ~
Hugs and prayers precious friend ~

Rebecca said...

Pat...I use a SAD LIGHT every single day for Seasonal Affective Disorder. It only takes 30 minutes at most and I feel invigorated by the rays. Have you ever tried one? I swear by it.

Also, don't underestimate the affect that meds given to your for your infection and how they can cause moods swings. I'd ask you doc about it if I were you.

Think of you girly. Spring is coming. We are all ready for a change. Snow and ice are coming back to Oklahoma on Thursday. That is enough to make me want to hibernate until it is GONE FOR GOOD!

Love to you~Rebecca

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Pat!!! I'm so sorry that you haven't been feeling well! A lot of times being ill will trigger depression...I'm so very glad that you're on the mend and you are so right!!! Our minds control us and if we can control our thought process it's a wonderful thing ~ I fight that same battle sweet friend, and actually take medication for it but do realize my mind is a powerful tool in battling it all!! Please take good care of you dear friend ~ it's so good to see a new post!! hugs and love, Dawn

Patti's Artful Design said...

I was wondering where you have been. It is good to see your written words, Pat! I've missed you! Take care. I am so glad you are doing better....pulling out chairs to refinish is a good sign. Just don't overdo!

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Pat. So glad to read that you are on the mend. I think the time after the holidays are hard for everyone but are especially low when one gets ill. Wishing you a wonderful day! Hugs, Sharon

tarnishedandtattered.blogsot.com said...

Hi sweetie,
I'm glad your feeling better. I enjoyed our little talk the other night. I agree with Dawn, know when I get sick I can get depressed. Especially because we are a creative bunch & when were sick in bed we're not up 'doing'. If I can't get the glue out & make something I get down. Hope to see you on the 12th. Lisa
PS I'm really thinking about the Cleburne show.

Then and Now at Collected Treasures said...

Thank you for the beautiful images. I miss you and hope to see you on the 12th. Hope you are feeling better.
xo Carolyn

Miss Sandy said...


I am so sorry that you have been under the weather. I hope that you regain your health very soon. Your chair project sounds interesting. Have fun refurbishing the set.

Anonymous said...


BellaRosa said...

Pat amor, I am so sorry that you weren't feeling well, but so happy to hear that you are on the mend...I know it might not be my place to say this and I hope I don't offend you..but...I don't think you had a pity party at all, there are so many things that can trigger depression...illness, the medications, the dreary weather, deaths in the family and even more..how you feel is real and it is sometimes hard to just "snap out of it" as I try to sometimes tell myself...I hope things are better for you and I just wanted to let you know, that I thank you for your sweet birthday wish and I also hope that your daughter and mama both had wonderful birthdays themselves :)Besos, Rose

Charlene said...

PANSIES!!!!!!!!!!!! Be still my heart!!!!! Thank you for sharing sweet friend. So glad you are feeling better! When I talked to you on the phone yesterday you SOUNDED so much better. Take care of you!!!! HUGS! Charlene


Hi Pat. That poem is truly beautiful! I've read it several times! Thank you for sharing it.

I pray that you are warm and feeling much better. The pansies are lovely.

My highest ever electric bill makes me really dream of spring. I hope that drinking hot tea this evening will cure the stress that I experienced today after I wrote the check!!!

Love and blessings,

The Rustic Victorian said...

I am glad your popping back. I think sometimes it is menopause for me, and many. Having a bad bunch in Wa. is not helpfull at all. Then there is the full moon, I blame alot on that, and that makes no sense either. I go to utube and watch funny stuff,,like Mr. Bean,,what a dork,,makes me fell normal..lol..like the other day,,,everyting I picked up I dropped...I really felt like MrBean for a while..such bad timeing. Then I think of all that I "do" have...who knows about anything,,not me,,,one day at a time, one day at a time. Everything will be ok. God loves you. Take it easy. Your very creative.

Cheryl Carey Bass said...

Thanks for the pansies, Pat! See, even when life's got you down a bit, you're still spreading beauty! I totally get the weather and illness affecting my mood, too. I struggle with depression and winter can be SO hard! Hope you're back in top notch shape, soon!

Uniquely Myself said...

Hi Pat! I'm a little late at getting this comment. Hope you are better now. Thanks for the pansy image - lavender and white caught my eye! Sandra