Sunday, May 30, 2010


Today we must remember the hero's that gave their lives for us, so that we can live in a free country. And today we must pray for the men and women that are putting their lives on the line for us to keep that freedom. Let's also pray for the families of our armed forces and for the families that have lost loved ones. And last let us all pray for our Country, the USA. I believe she needs more prayers now than she ever has, pray that we can get back to a country that puts God first in everything. Pray that God will touch our leaders and give them the courage to heal our country.
I pray that God will bless all of us and change the hearts of all who does not want the best for our Country.


My Sweet Rose. said...

Hi Pat,
We in the UK have been remembering the evacuation on the beaches in France during WW2, alongside pictures of the brave young men who have died in Afganistan being repatriated. They are driven through the small town of Wootten Basset where hundreds of people turn out to line the streets. It is so emotional.

The Rustic Victorian said...

A big AMEN Pat.
wonderful image

MosaicMagpie said...

Thank you for the reminder and lovely tribute.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,
Oh you know how I agree with every word you said.
We are so very, very fortunate to live here in the wonderful country, The United States of America!
Let us always, always remember the very brave men and women in uniform and all of their sacrifices for our freedom.

Your blog is simply gorgeous, Pat!
I haven't been visiting my fav blogs as much lately~real life seems to interfere~lol!

I cherish your visit and sweet comments...


~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

Gracefully Vintage said...

How Lovely, Like your american spirit and image, It is nice to remember, and give thanks- Your blog is great and very inspirational, you have a great design, I just became a follower of yours, love the name Tattered Elegance