Friday, August 28, 2009


Last night we had our first crafting get together at Jana's. And we all had a blast. So since I left my stool there I thought I would show it to you today. I looked for a stool at garage sales, but didn't find anything, so I tried the thrift stores, and over in a corner was this pityful little stool. But I had high hopes for it. I could see this vision of purple. So this is what I bought.

So I brought it home and started to remove the top. And after about four layers of fabric and a million staples I got to this. I sanded and painted getting it ready for that purple top.

Then one day I found my fabric, cut me a pattern and started crazy quilting. Then I got to the best part, putting the embelishments on. I did the crazy quilting on the machine, but all the rest was done by hand. It was really fun and I will probably do another project very soon. I have something in mind and since I am going to Antique Alley next month I should get started on it.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my stool. We all had so much fun last night. Charlene & Lisa worked on souldering projects, JoAnne was doing crazy quilting, Carolyn was working on a Christmas house, Jana was doing some mosiac, and I was working on a wind chime. I forgot to take my camera, but Jana, Charlene and Lisa were all taking pictures so I'm sure you will see some of our work. We can't wait for next month and work on something halloween. Should be fun.
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Collected Treasures said...

The stool is asolutely beautiful and I am so lucky to get to have it in my store and look at it EVERY day.....the wind chime is gorgeous and you have inspired me to get out my hammer and start pounding some silver LOL....xojana


You created something very pretty Pat. I really, really, like it. Thanks for sharing. I bet it inspires many others to make one.


wendy said...

I love the stool! You come up with such neat ideas! I'm working on a crazy quilt pillow for a gift. Have a great week!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Pat ~ I sooo missed being there but will be crafting with you all soon ~

Patti's Artful Design said...

Oh my goodness, Pat, that stool is beautiful! I wish I lived close enough to take Jana's classes. What fun you all must have.....and such beautiful "stool" thrones to sit on. Oh my!

Maggie R said...

Pat the stool is absolutely gorgeous....Too pretty to sit on!
PS I hope you are rested up after your yard work.... Sounds like it is hot there. We are cool and rainy but next week is suppose to be sunny... We have had no summer at all, and I suppose it will snow before we know it.....YUCK!!!!

lisa said...

Your stool was AMAZING! I love crazy quilting anyway and to apply it to a stool = very unique! Can't wait till next month.

Diana said...

Too cute!

Lynn said...

Oh, man, I love that stool!!!
What a great idea. I think i'll try something like it!

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Pat.
Your stool turned out beautiful!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Blessings. Sharon

Barb said...

Gotta love that purple fringe!!

Wonderful piece.

Thanks for coming by and signing up to follow my blog.

blessings and have a great week

Barbara jean

Lottie said...

Oh my goodness - that is one beautiful stool - I hope that noone gets to sit upon it - it is just too gorgeous!

Having great fun perusing your blog

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Your stool is gorgeous Pat! I soo enjoyed meeting you last night & can't wait for our next get-together. I gotta make me a stool! ;o)

disa said...