Thursday, August 20, 2009


This morning I stopped at a yard sale and this lady had her mothers old war ration book out for sale. Since it was old and we do things with old papers I thought it might be fun on some of the altered things we make. So I will post it and feel free to use it if you want to.

Hope every one is having a wonderful day. I'v got to get busy with laundry.


Rebecca said...

How NEAT, Pat! Thank you so much!


Collected Treasures said...

Very cool.......can you believe someone could sell something like this.....I just don't get these people giving up their past.....and I would like to have the energy it looks like I have LOL :).xo jana

My Vintage Studio said...

Nice find at your yard sale!
Thank you for sharing your photos...I will use the images on a collage.

Hope you are doing well.

Hugs, Sharon

Charlene said...

Thank you so much for sharing the ration book pages. Who knows what or where these may show up on. And Austin wanted me to tell you hello. He talked about you numerous times this past week. He had so much fun with us in Grapevine. And he loved the lake & the boat.

méri said...

This is a treasure!
Thanks for your visit! and you made me smile,because even I hadn't remember to make that bag forty years ago and I would love it too... :)

Patti's Artful Design said...

Just amazing....I love the color but the history..just wonderful! Thank you, Pat.


Well now that's an interesting yard sale find. Thanks for sharing!

Happy weekend! Brook

wendy said...

What a neat find! Don't you just love, yard,garage, and estate sales!

Candy said...

We also have a collection of this books. Wonderful pin collection and I like the idea of displaying on the heart hangers. I have several just sitting here and there not doing ANYTHING. They will have be a show-off! Thanks for the idea.
Now I'm off to take son to Spanish class at the community college in Austin...right across the street from TWO of my thrift stores. (I like this location better than last year ;-)
Need to make a batch of cookies for those after school memory moments.

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Pat, these images are WONDERFUL!! Thank you so much for sharing them....and I love how you've displayed your pins, I do the same thing..I love my pin pillow! I hope you have a wonderful week sweetie, xxoo, Dawn

Janna Qualman said...

Hello there, Pat. :) I bought a War Ration Book No. 3 yesterday at a local antique store, and have been so taken with it, I had to do some internet research. (Which is what brought me to this post of yours.) Mine was issued to a 2-year-old boy, though not many stamps were used from it... I wonder how common that was. I wish it had more personal detail.

Anyway, it was great to run across your post. Best to you in 2010!

wenmar said...

I have had 3 of the fighter plan ration stamps from the War Ration Book#3 since 9th grade. They were found in a dictionary I purchased for school. I am now 62. I just discovered today what their official name was.

They aren't worth anything - but I hate throwing them away.

yard pup said...

geyard pup said
I have books 1 thu 4 also gas stamps & milk stamps. I collect them its part of our history.My uncle James was a ww2 vet an my parents told me storys about that era. thanks for sharing

yard pup said...

yard pup Janna maybe I can help form what my dad told me everybody in that house hold got a book, the office of price admenastration I belive was the goverment office that issued the books there are 4 in all plus a gas and a milk chocolate an nylon stockings were also rationed. my mom told me that when she was in high school women used to get a specal type of brown dye and rub it on there legs kind of like self tanning lotion because stockings were hard to get. and mom also said back then stockings had a seme that ran up the back of the leg and you had to paint a line up the back of your leg with brown ink mom said that was hard to do and your line wouldent be streight!also neighobers would trade stamps with each other like if you needed suger and you had extra coffee stamps yall would trade. I hope this info. is useful.