Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I finished another new rose this morning, so thought I would post it. I will be putting them in the mall tomorrow. This one is silk with tulle and leaves made from crushed velvet. And little yellow shoes I found at an estate sale. They are so sweet. Someone has already claimed them site unseen. I'll email her to take a look.

Hope everyone has a great night. I'm going to work on the booth tomorrow and Antique Alley is this weekend, so I plan to go at least one day. Can't wait!!!!


Charlene said...

The rose is pretty but, those baby shoes are darling. The color is a bit strange but, cool to find something different than "standard" whaite or black isn't it! Miss you!

Ruby Grace's said...

Both the rose and the shoes are wonderful. Maybe we will bump into each other at Antique Alley!

Rebecca said...

Miss Pat~

That rose is truly darling my friend and those baby shoes are over-the-moon fabulous!

Blessings to you this lovely Palm Sunday~


She Uses Her Words said...

What a great post! The rose is a beauty. And the baby shoes are so precious. What a nice find!
Have a good week, xo, Karen

Cottage Panache said...

Pat, those shoes are almost identical to the ones in my latest post. Just older and shabbier or should I say well worn! And yes, I will first scan those cards ~ I don't ever want them to go away completely ~ Thanks for stopping by and hope you found some wonderful goodies at antique alley.

Maggie R said...

The baby shoes are so sweet.... "Back Then" they had such beautiful elegant things.... Let's turn back time!