Friday, April 22, 2011


This is a lampshade that I had dressed in pink some time ago. I put it in the mall, but it just sat there. I was told to change the pink to cream or white. So I tea dyed some silk and made a new rose. Also dyed some of the lace. We will see if that helps.

I am going to the mall today and will take a few pics as I changed everything last week. Put in new things and took some out. Also added some new color.

Hope every one is having a wonderful day!!!!


DeeDee said...

she is just a lovely looking little lady ...:D

Maggie R said...

Oh Pat.... this shade is gorgeous... I thought I did a good job on one for my bedroom with just fringe and a bit of trim!!!!
Thanks for the inspiration..

arrielle_p said...

What a lovely lampshade is that.

"a lovely looking little lady" agreed in full here. :)

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