Thursday, April 28, 2011


I took new pictures of the booth last week after I redid it. Thought you might like to see what I have in the booth. Get you a cup of tea and enjoy, there are a lot of pics.

This is the pillow that I showed you the other day. I had just started it.

And I think I have showed you this chair before. This chair is over 100 years old. I had to work on it. But it sure looks good now. And I have about 6 more.

Hope you enjoyed!! Have a great day

14 comments: said...

I LOVE what you did with your booth. It looks great. I know if I was there, I would go home with lots of treasures:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Rose H (UK) said...

Your booth looks beautiful :o)
Love the oval frame and the lovely wicker basket on legs...
I'm sure my Mom had one of those when I was born with all the baby necessities in it.

Ruby Grace's said...

It looks great...but it always does!

Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Pat ~
Your booth looks wonderful!!
You are so very talented!!


Charlene said...

Everything looks so pretty! And I love the velvet ruched rose you made. WE HAVE TO GET TOGETHERA!

angie said...

Your booth looks amazing! I think we could have fun together.

This is Angie (Linda's daughter). Mom and I just had to check your site and say Hi!

Brenda's Blog said...

Hi Pat!
It's your Brenda, your neighbor! I love all that you've done to the booth! I am so glad to have you back next to me!!! You are wonderful...sooooo talented! ;0)


FredaB said...

Hi Pat

Your booth looks very inviting. I wish I could actually be there and see all your wonderful things.

You did a great job on both the chair and the pillow.



DeeDee said...

I forgot something I need to come back...and its in your booth.... :D

Rebecca said...

Pat...your work is AMAZING! WOW WOW WOW! You create gorgeous things with those talented hands of yours.

Now...about the weight loss... for clothes has been wonderful but since EVERYTHING was too big in my closet (and my drawers!!!!) I have had to buy all new things. It's fun but it can be expensive. I passed along all of my favorite things and even things I held onto hoping to get back into! They are ALL too big now. Mostly though...I feel GREAT and no longer feel like a "square body!"


Cottage Panache said...

Pat your booth looks yummy and I love what you did to the chair ~ I can picture all of them finished and sitting around a sweet table all set for a tea!
=> Maureen

Brenda's Blog said...

Hi Pat...
I really enjoyed today...having lunch w/you and Gayla at the Tea Room!!! Thank you for letting me borrow the stand for the worked out so well!!!
Your the best! I worked for 2 hours after you left...saw Gayla a few more times...later...she worked in her booth as well! Looked Great as usual!!! ;0) Take care and talk to you soon!!! ;0) Looking forward to meeting Miss Lacy!!! LOL Brenda

Tammy's Vintage Finds said...

Wow! I love your booth! SO pretty and feminine. I'm gonna need to get by your mall, it's been a while since I was there.

Aunt Kristin in Texas said...

I love that fabric on the chair! It's so unique and sweet.