Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Thought I would show you some of my older art. I found this little bed at an estate sale several years ago and thought it was so cute. I had to do some work like glue and a few nails. Then sanded and painted. I had to add a sweet little rose on it. It looked good, but not finished, it needed some bedding, so I went and bought some pretty pink and green material. I made the mattress and pillow and covers. Then I sold it to a Grandmother for her little grand-daughter for christmas. Hope she has enjoyed it. I sure had fun making it.

This is an over night case that I made several years ago. I think it was white, and I painted it green, then added the roses. Afterwards I found some material and lined the inside. I thought it turned out pretty good for my first time lining the inside. Sold this one on Ebay.

Hope you enjoyed looking at some of my old work. I've got to get busy and start some new things. I am wanting to do some pillows.
I've been working on my studio. It's not finished, but at last I can work in there now. I'll show a few pictures of the table space I fixed. I'm hoping my son gets me that desk top, but until then my painted board will have to do. It beats the card tables.
Wishing all of you a wonderful night and a lovely morning tomorrow.


Rengin Yazitas said...

I loved your all those old works, thanks so much for sharing all those beauties with us.
Especially, thay little doll bed reminds me old days. When my DD was a little girl I was sewing for her Barbies...Some photos of those grat creations are available on the older posts of my blog.
Thanks so much once again,
Rengin, in Istanbul

Lucy said...

I love everything. But that little bed takes my heart away. Soo..cute.

QuirkyJen said...

Thank you for your kind words & yes I will be coming back often, I love your spot!

Candy said...

Cute creations! I too have a little crib in the attic. Need to get it down and sew some bedding. Lovely painted roses, too.
The purple jewel thing in the back ground is my mom's. I think it is a hanging votive candle handler.
Enjoy your evening, Candy

Shari said...

I just love your pretty painted roses! You really know how to transform things! I have a little crib that needs a lot of work and it's so nice to see what you did with yours. Thanks for sharing!