Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The rain started last night and I am so glad to see those little wet drops fall on my grass. We have had a very dry winter in Fort Worth. Usually I gripe when it rains, but not this time. The past few days have been very warm in the 70's and 80's. I worked in my front yard yesterday and wore a short sleeve shirt and today it is in the 40's or high 30's. That's par for Texas weather. Guess that's why I like Texas, not too much cold. My wisteria tree is starting to bloom, well really it is vines that I planted at the bottom of my pine tree. The wisteria has taken it. Just hope the rain doesn't spoil the blooms this year. Here are some pictures, wanted you to see it now and I'll take more pictures when it is in full bloom. It is beautiful then.

Well I've been working on my pottery studio, at least I got it cleaned out. I put a couple of card tables in there to work on until I get my desk top. Kent, my son, is getting me one, hopefully very soon. But I can work on the tables until then, I did for a while this morning. I also painted on the shelf this afternoon. It's drying now and then I will put on a gel stain, distress, and wax it. I need it to store the pottery while I work on it. That room will also have to have a bed in it in case I need the extra room. I found some twin frames, but I've got to get a set of box springs for my matress. I need to paint a small chest that holds paint and things and paint the night stand. Lots of work yet. We always have work it seems like. Here are a few pictures of my work space for right now and one of the shelf I am painting.

Guess I better get on to some more projects. I'm going to tea dye some lace now. Hope it turns out okay. I love things tea dyed.

Hope all of you have a wonderful day!!!!


Charlene said...

Hello my friend! I love the look of the wisteria. Can't wait until it is in FULL bloom. The rain was wonderful wasn't it! The only thing not wonderful about it was that we had to go to a funneral for "Honey'" aunt today. That cold rain & wind standing out in that graveyard was brutal. Tomorrow we see the doctors at UNT for diagnosis for his Dad. I'll call you & let you know what they say although, you & I know the answer already. Hugs!

Candy said...

What an awesome tree with the vine. Yes!!! Rain...thank you Lord! Hubby is in Dallas since yesterday and will return Fri. Your pottery 'barn' is coming along.
Stay warm and dry, Candy

quiltlion said...

I am happy to see the rain also! Lyn G from rainy Bastrop Tx

anlake said...

Thanks for inviting me to stop by. So glad we met. I love your blog, you are veery talented, and looks like your having fun on the way. Hope to see you next weekend