Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well I finished the shelf today and got it moved in. Put all my pottery that I'm working on in the shelves. I've got a lot of work to finish. But most of it is mine so I can take my time with it. Also move in the chest. It is still empty. Not enough energy to fill it. Here are a few pictures. I had to get at a crazy angle to get it. Sorry it's not very bright. I've got to get more light in there with all those red walls. I painted this room for my aunt when she was living with me and what can I say, I like red too. Especially with purple!

I'll keep posting to let you know how the room is coming along. It's suppose to rain again all day tomorrow. So I guess I'll work in the house. Next week is suppose to be pretty. Of course you never know in Texas! Hope all of you have a good night and take care.


WELCOME said...

Hi Pat. It looks like you are working very hard but you will enjoy it when finished.
Thanks for your sweet visit today! Stay warm and have a good evening.

Utah Grammie said...

Looks great ! Love your vases :-)

Candy said...

Shelf looks great. I just posted about a day at Wimberley Market Days. If you and Charlene are up for a road trip...head on down. All the details are on the post.
Enjoying this rain! Candy

Charlene said...

Have you starting swimming yet? Seems like it would have worked better if God would have spread this rain out over a month or so wouldn't it? But, we can't complain. We needed the water so badly. Your shelf looks good! And look how much STUFF you can put on it. Yeah for you. I know you are happy to get it up & feel like you are moving forward. Have you chosen a pretty key for me? I need to buy it from you because I need to get organized for my class. I am really getting excited! Let's get together next week. Have to take father in law in Monday morning early for blood work. Should be home before noon. Trust me... I have had enough of him from this past week. :( It wasn't a good week.

Shabby in Pink Boutique said...

You are invited to 'Why I love Vintage' Blog Drawing~
Come join the fun!
Happy Spring~